Music, Dance and Visual Arts Ministry


Mime Ministry

Music Ministry

CLM Ronnette Cook, Bro. Erick Sellman

  • Inspirational Choir Members
  • SWAGG Praise & Worship Team
  • Voices of Mt. Calvary Choir Members

Photography/Video Ministry

Bro. Donte (DJ) Sellman, Bro. Erick Sellman

Praise and Worship Ministry

Sis. Bridget Anderson, Sis. Ashley Gilmer, Sis. Juanita Hall-Disasi, Bro. Erick Sellman, Sis. Jacqueline Sellman, Bro. John Sellman, Jr.

Praise Dance Ministry

Sis. Bridget Anderson, Sis. Bianca Bynum, Sis. Brieasha Bynum, Sis. Briyal Bynum, Sis. Ronieta Cook, Sis. Ashley Gilmer, Sis. Rose Hayes, Sis. Juanita Hall-Disasi, Sis. Ja’Niyah Gaither, Sis. Myashia Moulden, Sis. Dessiaha Perry, Sis. Sa’Mera Riddle, Sis. Sa’Niyah Riddle, Sis. DeNae Sellman, Sis. Jacqueline Sellman


Singing and Praying Band

Sis. Henrietta Colbert, Second Captain, Sis. Phyllis Cook, Sis. Joanne Cromwell, Bro. Bobby Cromwell, Sis. Edith Murray, First Captain, Sis. Saundra Parker