The vision for what is now Mt. Calvary began in 1890 when Brother Benjamin Griffin opened the doors of his home to establish the first place of worship, then known as Griffin’s Chapel. Brother Griffin, along with other trailblazers worked hard, prayed, worshipped, and eventually purchased the current site of land at 1236 Jones Station Road on October 5, 1894. Soon after, they raised the funds necessary to build Mt. Calvary’s sanctuary and laid the cornerstone two years later in 1896.

During the 1930s three community churches—Mt. Calvary, Asbury Broadneck, and Town Neck—were part of the same charge. During the late 1970s, churches started to merge and affiliated with the United Methodist Conference and in 1982 Mt. Calvary became a separate charge. Visit www.umc.org for more information about the United Methodist Church.

We continue to acknowledge and remember the Saints of old who paved the way for us. Thank God for all the pastors that served and the many others who played key roles in creating what is now a 133-year legacy for which we will always be grateful