Officers & Leaders

Our Laity, Officers, and Leaders were elected by fellow parishioners within Mt. Calvary UMC. They are charged to remember that loyalty to “Jesus Christ as Lord” alone provides the sustenance to undertake their tasks.

Election to these offices indicates that the members of this congregation recognize their qualities for leadership as well as their complementary spiritual gifts. We expect them to show true spiritual leadership in their particular office.

It’s an honor to be elected, but acceptance brings with it grave responsibilities. From now on, they will be expected to work together as a team under the guidance of Jesus Christ. They will be expected to serve the best interests of our Lord and the congregation. In every decision they need to consider whether the action benefits the church and advances the cause of Christ.

The United Methodist Church provides numerous leadership opportunities from specialized ministries to committee involvement. To find points of contact, go the the drop down menu under this tab.

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